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Hummingbot Integration


To allow the use of the open source trading bot Hummingbot to connect to both CEXs that support EDG and DEXs and enable a wider variety of entities to provide market making contributions, improve liquidity across markets easily and more.


Currently, EDG support on exchanges is limited to native Substrate integration, however Hummingbot is not yet ready for native Substrate, instead EVM integrations are most easy. If we can pursue EVM support for existing and new CEXs, Hummingbot could work easily while we wait for Substrate integration which is currently in development between the Polkadot team and the Hummingbot Foundation.

Next Steps

We can:

  1. Pursue our own native Substrate integration.
  2. Wait for native Substrate integration.
  3. Pay for native Substrate integration or EVM integration through CoinAlpha, the proprietary side of Hummingbot development.
  4. Pursue EdgeEVM integration with Humminbot, but this would not be useful until we bridge to EVM based chains with DEXs or obtaion EdgeEVM support on CEXs.