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May 18 2022 Design Call

Lead by Thom Ivy

Re: Website

  1. Johan stepping down end of month. Will have web assets moved to Figma or Sketch (paid tool.)
  2. 3.1 design is complete. Jan is blocker.

Work Pipeline

Problem: People don't know what jobs can be done , applied for, and paid out. (Bounties, Tips or Proposals) Someone can author a request-for-proposal in which a problem is specc'd outand potentially a payment or reward is stated. We need to collate RFPs for viewing and taking action on.

Workers Interest:

  1. Time frames for job -mechanism (bounty tip..etc)
  2. Reputational impact and tracking of different mechanisms
  3. Payout structures

DAOs interest:

  • Liability reduction
  • Trust minimized
  • Technical and economic alignment

Potential Needs or Actionables:

  • Visual demonstration of the process/paths
  • Ppl ready to write tips or help author proposals (NSP)
  • A channel where ppl can go to talk to NSPs or job-coordinators

Concern: How does the DAO:

  1. Strategize or realize a need
  2. Approve this need via signalling
  3. Draft and publish this need as an RFP (NSP maybe? They get their incentives from the proposal comission.)

How do we get better NSPs?

  • Advertise the beenfits and describe the responsibilities.
  • Describe steps for becoming one.
  • Publish healthy NSPs to work-seekers, proposal makers.

How do we ensure active NSPs? Who recruits the recruiters?