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Find your Lockdrop User Contract (LUC)

There are two ways to discover your LUC address if you haven't stored it:

Visit a block explorer like or others.

Enter your participating ETH address and view the list of transactions to find one or more that show the destination of "Edgeware Lockdrop Contract" It may also say "Old" - this is still a valid lock.

Your block explorer may not give the contract title. In this case, transactions to the following contract addresses are to the Master Lockdrop Contracts:

  • 0x1b75B90e60070d37CfA9d87AFfD124bB345bf70a (V.1, Old)
  • 0xFEC6F679e32D45E22736aD09dFdF6E3368704e31 (v.2 New)

Click the transaction ID of these to see the final destination of the funds - the MLC does not hold your ETH, but sends it immediately to a newly created LUC. The transaction should show you a trail from your ETH Address - > MLC - > LUC.

See this example using

Click into your LUC addresses to check the LUC for balance and contract data.